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Maitenance CareMaintenance Care
Web Hosted Facility maintenance software
Get SensoredGet Sensored
Automated Wireless Temperature Sensors


Providing reliable web hosted products since 2003.

Gnxcor Inc. (pronounced gen-x-cor) was founded in 2006 as part of a transition from an previous software solution which focused primarily on providing facility maintenance software services to the Condo and Apartment industries. Originally created in 2003 the software is now focused on the Senior Living Industry and as part of the transition to Gnxcor Inc., became known as Maintenance Care. Gnxcor Inc. owns and operates two software solutions; MaintenanceCare.com, a web-hosted facility maintenance software specializing in senior living and; Get Sensored, which provides web-hosted building automation such as monitoring room or equipment temperature.

Gnxcor Inc. is a privately held company who’s board of directors
is as follows:

Chairman of the Board
Dan Roberge,
President & CEO

Laurie Roberge,
Vice-President of Operations

Zbigniew Chlopek,
Vice-President of Technology


Freedom from what used to be.

Our Values:

  • Accountability: We measure and take responsibility for our outcomes
  • Balance: We balance corporate duty with personal growth
  • Character: We do the right thing, every time
  • Discipline: We focus on our goals
  • Everyone: We give back to our community and share in our successes